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PAC Asset management Limited is an Asset Management Company regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with focus on Funds/Portfolio Management; and Investment Advisory services to Corporate and institutional Clients and Government Parastatals. The Company also provides wealth Management services to high Net-worth individuals with the aim of achieving long time objectives and Estate Planning. PAC Asset is a subsidiary of PanAfrican Capital Plc., a registered capital market Operator.

PAC Assets business focuses on providing specialist investment avenues for Clients. The Company is positioned to successfully manage its client's funds through its tailored in-house pooled private funds, structured close-end Funds, SEC registered public Mutual Funds and Stand-alone Portfolio Funds.

Our services cut across diverse business areas and various clients including, High Net Worth Individuals, insurance companies, Endowment funds, Family and Trust Funds, Educational Centers, Charity Organisations, Religious Houses, Company Cooperatives & staff Schemes, Investment Companies of Local, State and Federal Government. The company also takes position for its own portfolio under its principal investments business.


Creating Sustainable Value
Our investment value is based on a deep understanding of structure of the market and the financial instruments that will match clients' expectation in such markets. We begin our investment procedure with the client profiling process which provide clear appreciation of the risk appetite and investment preferences of the client.

We design a strategic asset allocation plan for individual clients and create a Portfolio in line with the strategic asset allocation plan and investment policy. We adopt a value investing approach in a methodical and disciplined manner towards creating a portfolio that will effectively match risk with return. We review the portfolio with the client from time to time in line with the investment management agreement.


Structured Close-end Funds
We seek investors with similar risk appetite and investment returns and pool funds together to give them opportunity of earning higher returns in various asset classes due to the synergy derived from the pool.

SEC Registered public Mutual Funds
We also offer opportunity to the public through mutual funds approved by SEC to invest in chosen asset classes. Our expertise in managing such funds give the client opportunity to earn sustainable return.

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